Ears Have Ears

Nicholas Bullen has contributed material to a piece for radio by Chris Herbert.

Chris writes “This piece for radio comprises new work assembled during early summer 2015. As well as characteristic systems murk it documents recent detours in the form of collaborative pieces with Nicholas Bullen and Elías Merino, alongside spontaneous explorations of fractured texture. A theme of phasing and stippled atmospherics pervades; buried within is a semi-cover of Joe McPhee’s Cosmic Love hewn from environmental recordings made during the total solar eclipse of that year. The extended length of the piece gave Chris space to focus on more atypical and personal aspects of his oeuvre. Working without the idea of formal tracks and away from expectations was liberating and most of the pieces collated here poured out more or less fully formed. There was no struggle. It’s some of the best and most satisfying work I’ve done in a long time.”

The piece can be listened to at Chris Herbert’s Soundcloud account.