Nicholas Bullen: Signal Obliteration

Nicholas Bullen will stage the performance piece Signal Obliteration at Casino Luxembourg as part of the Altars of Madness exhibition.

Signal Obliteration forms part of the Breach project which is an ongoing series of performance pieces for voice, fixed media sound and electronics.

Developed as a demonstrative companion to a text piece focused on the ‘silencing’ of language, the live performances utilise the human voice as material and as medium for exploring strategies within which the voice itself can be used to undermine the codes which govern discourse.

Multiple microphones are used to capture the voice in performance which is then sampled and electronically processed in real-time and combined with fixed media sound compositions generated from recordings of the artist’s voice.

Breach has been performed at the Hayward Gallery / London (for the event Hey! Hey! Glossolalia), Litteraturhuset / Oslo (for Ultima festival), Tour 46 gallery / Belfort (for Impetus festival), and Theatre Space / Birmingham (for Supersonic festival).

The accompanying text piece (Voices Silenced) has also been performed at Tate Britain / London (for the event Tate Late: The Turner Prize) and Arnolfini / Bristol (for the symposium IT IS YOU).

A version of the Voices Silenced text is available here.

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