Event Scores

Event Scores
(2001 – open-ended)


Tombstones  (2010) for vinyl record

Cardinal Points (2008) for one or more performers (unspecified)

Composition for Microphone (2008) for microphone

Mingling (2008) for gong, dictaphone and contact microphone

Bridal Music for Ghost (2008) for solo performer

Noh Sound (2006) for double bass, percussion and electronics

Performance Score for Landscape III (2006) for solo performer

Dead Music for Chatham (2006) for electric guitars and percussion

What I Do is Secret (2005) for amplified dictaphone

Procedure for Material (2003) for solo performer

Guillotine Music (2001) for guitar

Event scores have been realised at Phoenix Square Digital Media Centre, Leicester (for the event Fluxus: More Wounded Furniture), DMU, Leicester (for the event Wounded Furniture as part of the Arena festival) and Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham (for the event Flummoxed: Fluxium as part of the Flux-Fest festival by VIVID Birmingham Centre for Media Arts).

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