Three Elements

Three Elements
Two channel sound

NicholasBullen_Installation_Three Elements_STONEsoup_SOUNDkitchen_BEAST_Advert

A sound piece commissioned by SOUNDkitchen for STONEsoup, a collaborative audio-visual project which takes the listener through a unique aural journey of the city (consisting of contributions from 14 artists), framed with archive video footage of the city.

The piece explores sound as material, with material sourced from field recordings of the city of Birmingham processed electronically into an acousmatic sound piece where new configurations interact with fragments of the original sounds to move the material into new spheres.

Exhibited and diffused on the 66 channel BEAST audio system for the event …Espaces at Midlands Art Centre (Birmingham), and installed for the event Curious Sounds at Symphony Hall (Birmingham).

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