Two channel sound


A sound piece commissioned by curator Matt Warren as part of an exhibition exploring the ongoing issue of artists needing to compete for acoustic space.

The material used for the piece is taken from field recordings of the home of the artist (made by electronic recording equipment while the artist was absent from the location). Foregrounding sound as material and providing an organic element related to the artist (placing the source material within an initial context), the subsequent working (processing and reconfiguration) of the source material facilitates an exploration of the transmutation of languages and codes: the sound signature of the personal space is transformed into a sound object explicitly designed for the public space. The piece also explores potential relationships between poles of reference, including the field recordings in their initial state and the field recordings after processing (analogue and electronic), the internal and private (the environment of the artists’ home) and the external and public (the gallery space for the installation of the piece), and density and space (in the proliferation and placement of sound material)

Exhibited in the group exhibition In A Silent Way at Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (Hobart).

The piece is available on a gallery edition compact disc which includes all of the pieces from the exhibition.

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