An interactive sound installation consisting of 3 single-sided vinyl records containing locked grooves of sound elements mounted on turntables.

A total of 86 locked grooves (corresponding to the number of years that the baths were open to the public) are contained on 3 vinyl discs (corresponding to the 3 main public pools within the baths). Informed by the history and acoustic properties of the site, the locked grooves contain sound sources sourced from environmental recordings (including water, air, human beings and the surrounding environment) which are presented in both ‘pure’ and processed form and exist as laminar flows of sound which utilise the duration of a single loop and discrete sound events which occur once in the duration of a loop. The turntables are installed with corresponding speakers throughout the spatial acoustic environment of the steam rooms of the baths allowing for the diffusion of sound across the space through 6 audio channels.

The sound field of the piece is decided by the visitor who becomes an active participant in composition by producing sound combinations at their own discretion through a blend of the locked grooves on the vinyl disc.

The piece is designed to facilitate the recall and generation of memory (in relation to the individual and the community) through sound within the architecture of a Victorian bathing facility, functioning as an aide memoire which simultaneously creates memory in real time.

The piece was realised with assistance from Simon Mabbott.

Exhibited at Victoria Baths, Manchester (for the event Manchester Expo: No Petting, No Running, No Bombing).

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