ADVENTURE: Showdown at the Pig Palace
Two channel sound


A sound piece commissioned by Mark and Stephen Beasley as the sound for an artists radio play (and realised in collaboration with Simon Mabbott).

The piece combines environmental recordings, spoken word and musical instrumentation into a sound field which uses diegetic and non-diegetic approaches to underpin and undermine the text.

ADVENTURE: Showdown at the Pig Palace is the second in a trilogy of works written and produced by Mark and Stephen Beasley. Taking the form of an experimental radio play, it weaves a fictional dialogue between two teenagers together with a measured description of the architectural specifications of a typical shopping mall. The dialogue, which takes place at the site of an unidentified shopping centre between “girl” and “boy,” is punctuated with quotes and cultural references, which leak meaning throughout the work creating a labyrinthine structure of influence that the characters endeavour to absorb and utilize.

Exhibited at City Projects (London), Outpost (Norwich) and Serpentine Gallery (London), and broadcast on United Nations Plaza Radio Network (Berlin), Staten Island Ferry (New York) and Resonance FM (London).

The piece is available on compact disc from Junior Aspirin.

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